Japanese 1

(2023- 2024)

Leslie Grahn @grahnforlang

ようこそ!Yoh-koso! Welcome to the Japanese class!

Welcome to Japan (sort of)!  So you like Anime? Pokémon? Godzilla? J-Pop? Sushi? Ninja? Martial Arts?  Whatever brought you to "virtual" room 310, we would like to welcome you and are excited about discovering wonders of Japanese cultures with you!  This is an introductory course to understanding, speaking, reading and writing Japanese while learning Japanese cultures.  

I know this current "Covid-19"situation is far beyond what we expected, but we do what we can do to enjoy learning!



Check your Google Classroom for class materials and assignments. 

Check Syllabus for the course contents & expectations.

Go to "Resource for Japanese 1" page for learning videos, Quizlet lists, and other materials to help you understand what you are learning in the class!