The Counselors

The counselors at Galileo work collaboratively with teachers, families, and partners to focus on student needs both academically but also emotionally. All Galileo counselors are credentialed and participate in professional trainings year-round to provide a quality approach in assisting their students. A student is assigned a grade counselor that follows the student throughout their high school career to ensure knowing a student holistically. Parents and guardians are welcome to meet with the student counselor. In order to maximize a meeting with a counselor, schedule an appointment ahead of time. You can email the counselors or call (415) 749-3430 and the counselor's extension.

Welcome to the new Galileo:

Here are the counselors for the school year:

2017-2018 Counselor Assignments

9th Grade: Ms. Alicia Schkoll ex 3270

10th Grade: Mr. Barry Barbour ex 3245

11th Grade: Ms. Celia Chan ex 3244

12th Grade:Ms. Aracely Sanchez ex 3243

AVID and Chinese Immersion: Ms. Lauren Marshman ex 3241 For more information, visit AVID's website:

College Counselor: Ms. Serena Chan ex 3246 For more information, please visit the College and Career website at:

Newcomer ELL: Mr. Bai Zhen ex 3239

Success Counselor: Mr. Omar Amador ex 3242

Attendance Counselor: Ms. Maddy Bohannon ex 3247

The counseling department at Galileo is committed to the Association of School Counselors of America (ASCA) standards and SFUSD's district vision of equitable counseling for all. For more information, please click on the links below.