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Galileo Counseling Mission Statement

Learners, Innovative, Open-minded, and Noble. Through compassion, encouragement and empowerment, the Galileo Counseling Team guides students to become LIONS in a safe and caring environment. We work as mediators at the intersection of students’ families, academics, and communities to ensure success for all students. We help students obtain an equitable and challenging education by using a student-centered and collaborative approach.

It is the mission of Galileo’s Counseling Office to provide students with the support they need to succeed in school. Counselors guide students towards substantial post-secondary options, including college. We hope to provide support in the relationship between academics, the world of work, life at home, and the community by working with families and students.

What should I see my School Counselor for? What can they help with?

We can help with many things including:

  • Discussing your class schedule
  • Developing your 4-year plan towards graduation, as well as your post-secondary plans, whether it's 4-year college, community college, exploring trade or job-readiness programs, or developing a plan for a gap-year
  • Exploring a variety of career paths and figuring out possible interests
  • Enrollment in credit recovery classes to make up Ds or Fs as well as enrollment in City College classes for those who are interested in Dual Enrollment to earn both high school and college credits
  • Problem-solving around challenging classes
  • Getting support in challenging classes, including connecting you with the After School program or helping you meet with the teacher for support
  • Providing support with any social-emotional concerns
  • Discussing scholarship opportunities
  • Finding jobs and internship opportunities

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