Trash Monitoring Workgroup

Encampments Subcommittee

About the Subcommittee


  • Provide data to the Water Boards to identify and quantify trash generated by homeless encampments

  • Identify best practices and programs (including monitoring, measuring, recording, and the resources necessary) to manage and reduce trash generated by encampments associated with unhoused persons.


  • Privacy, law, safety, resources

Next Steps:

  • Cultivate partnerships among STORMS, State, Regional Water Board to develop strategies and solicit data

  • Develop guidelines for municipal data sharing

  • Develop survey of municipalities on trash cleanups

  • Engage with the development of the Trash Monitoring Playbook

Subcommittee Leads

Encampments Subcommittee

Kaitlyn Kalua:

Sarah Hutmacker:

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2020 Trash Events

The State Water Board’s Office of Information Management and Analysis plans to host the following events in 2020, which will focus on addressing some of the questions above. Mark your calendars for the following events:

  • June 28-29, 2020, Sacramento

  • Oct – Nov 2020, Specific date(s) and Location TBD

More details on specific topics and event logistics coming soon!

If you are interested in hosting, collaborating with the State Water Boards, or participating in an event that will tackle some of these questions, please let us know by filling out our Trash Stakeholder Questions Survey!

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