Stormwater Monitoring Coalition

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The SMC is currently in the field actively monitoring trash among the hundreds of probabilistic sites selected across the Southern California Bight. Having worked closely with BASMAA, they have adapted their method to incorporate some qualitative assessment features, with the goal of determining some of the cross-comparable metrics.

Project Description

The Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) was formed in 2001 by cooperative agreement of the Phase I municipal stormwater NPDES lead permittees, the NPDES regulatory agencies in southern California and the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. The SMC is to committed to developing a better understanding of stormwater mechanisms and impacts, and using this understanding to create tools that will effectively and efficiently improve stormwater decision-making. The SMC develops and funds cooperative projects to improve the knowledge of stormwater quality management and reports on the progress of those projects on an annual basis. The SMC currently consists of the following members:

Stormwater agencies throughout southern California share many similar issues regarding trash monitoring and management, but to date there has been no coordinated effort to develop a consistent method of estimating loadings, understand pathways into the environment, and identify and prioritize sources for remediation at a watershed scale. Public agencies spend considerable amounts of money each year managing waterways by removing trash and implementing practices that prevent trash from entering into the environment. However, most management efforts focus on the abatement process without the complimentary source prevention and monitoring efforts to determine if the actions are making a difference on receiving waters. 

The goal of this project is to improve the SMC’s understanding and ability to manage trash in the environment at both regional and local scales. In part one of this project, the focus was directed towards informing the SMC about the extent and magnitude of trash impacts on southern California streams. 

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