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Thanks to the support of the Ocean Protection Council and the State Water Resources Control Board, the Trash Monitoring Playbook and the Field Testing Report are now released for your use.

We welcome you to peruse these companion documents and share them with others.

The Playbook is intended as a reference for trash monitoring practitioners and agency staff interested in learning more about the considerations for selecting a suitable trash monitoring program, whereas the Field Testing Report is a resource for researchers and other technically minded people who wish to dive more deeply into the findings of our study.

Are you interested in trash monitoring, drones, artificial intelligence, or all of the above? Take a look at the Playbook and Field Testing Report and let us know what you think:

Field Testing Plan

Activities for the testing were chiefly conducted in Northern and Southern California, with a limited number of testing sites along the Central Coast.

UAS-Based Trash Monitoring v.2


Members of the team -- Shelly Moore, Holly Wyer, Tony Hale, and Pete Kauhanen -- presented the project to the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, this past March, 2018. We welcome you to review the presentations featured here.