"We all have the same destination of success, with different beautiful paths to get there."-L.D

We are a mental health 501(c)3 non-profit supporting individuals in recovery nationwide by bridging the gap between home and healing. 

Our Mission and Vision

Sean's Dream is a mental health nonprofit located in Orange County, New York. Our focus is supporting individuals on a path to mental health wellness and substance use recovery. 
Our organization provides support through in-kind donations, monetary donations, Goods360, and company sponsorships.  We use our community programs, fundraisers, and collaborations with support-specific companies to fulfill the needs of those in recovery. We also work with behavioral mental health centers, hospitals, and individuals to bridge the gap between home and healing. 
One of our goals is to provide recovery facilities with basic living needs for each individual in recovery. We coordinate with long-term sober living facilities to fill the requests of residents' basic needs. We want to lessen the burden on their shoulders during reentry to everyday living. 
We enjoy showing, teaching, and explaining to our community members and students that service to others causes a positive ripple effect. Community service comes in all forms. It does not have to cost money to make a very big difference in today's world. We work with businesses, schools and other organizations to help them hold fundraisers that support our Level Up Care Packages. This fundraisers will allow us all to reach more people in need of the basics necessities in the beginning of their recovery journey. 
As we all work together to support those in any form of healthy recovery we allow them to focus on themselves. We can increase their recovery capitol, we help to prevent the need for medical attention. We give them back their dignity, raise their self-worth and this can all lead to program adherence. 

Let's Support Recovery Clothing Drive

Sean's Dream runs an ongoing clothing drive that supports patients in recovery facilities. Sometimes, patients arrive with little to no belongings, haven't had a hot meal or shower in a very long time, and probably haven't had the comfort of a new outfit to call their own either. 
We collect clothes from community members. We also participate in Good360 to purchase new items in bulk at a high discount rate. Our goal is to collaborate with as many facilities as possible to bridge the gap between home and healing.  In doing this, we hope to show that taking the weight of the world off an individual's shoulders by providing them with basic necessities and support will lead to better mental health wellness, program adherence and increase recovery capitol. 
Here at Sean's Dream we believe that it is more effective to lead by action-based examples than to just talk about supporting recovery.  With each donation of clothes, new socks, new underwear, alcohol free toiletries you are helping to end the stigma around mental illness, substance use disorder and asking for help
You are showing friends, family members, and your community that you are ACTIVELY supporting those in recovery who have asked for help.
A mental wellness journey and substance use recovery is something that has in some way, or another touched all of us. If you have not been directly affected, chances are you know someone who has. Please show them and others that you are a part of the solution! 

Dont know what to donate?

SeansDream Team members volunteer to spend countless hours sorting through gently used donations to make sure that all our love ones get only quality items while they are in recovery. Please consider going to our Amazon Wish List and sending us items that we need to keep the organization running and help us to be able to give NEW items to those in recovery as well! 

Items in high demand

New/gently used men and women sweatpants, t-shirts and sweatshirts

New packages of adult men and women socks and underwear

New/gently used adult men and women season appropriate clothing. 

New Alcohol Free toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes)

Self Help/ Trades/DIY books