Sue Swersky (in class)

Emily Nye & Pat Mosteller (online)

Spring 2021

Welcome to Rediscovering San Diego

About Rediscovering San Diego

“Rediscovering San Diego” is a field trip class in which older adult students discover, explore, learn about, and experience San Diego resources, as well as politically, culturally, historically, economically, and educationally significant sites and venues within our community, first hand. Due to the current pandemic situation, class is being conducted this semester completely online through Zoom, where you will experience virtual weekly “trips.” Because of this, we have widened our destinations to include areas all over the world. We think you’ll love it!

View a short video on navigating the website (4 minutes). Click the forward arrow to begin.

About the class

Syllabus & Website

This syllabus contains a brief description of each venue we will visit virtually every week. You will find the schedule at the end of the syllabus. More detailed information will be emailed to you the weekend prior to each virtual trip. Our class website is managed by instructors Emily Nye and Pat Mosteller, who also write the lessons. Links to websites, announcements, class photos, interesting facts, and student comments will be available on this website. Instructor Sue Swersky will host the weekly Zoom sessions.

Virtual Field Trip Instructions

Our virtual class Zoom session is on either Tuesday or Thursday (depending on which class you registered for) from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Please try to be on time for class so you don’t miss anything! The Zoom instructions can be found on the class website homepage (, but we will also send a reminder every week the day before the Zoom session. The reminder email will include the links and phone numbers you’ll need to join the session.


Because this is currently a fully online class and all “field trips” are virtual, there will be no weekly attendance taken. Online classes are under a different system of attendance called the census system. Twice during the semester, we will send out an email asking if anyone would like to drop the class. If we don’t receive a response and have not heard from you during the semester, we will drop you from the class as of that census date. Please know that it is perfectly okay for you to be in the class and not participate in Zoom sessions, as long as you are enjoying reading the lessons on your own—just keep in contact and let your instructors know so we don’t drop you during the census periods.


Due to our temporary stay-at-home and social distancing requirements during the global health pandemic, our Rediscovering San Diego class will be taking "virtual trips" through the use of a software technology called "Zoom." The days and times of these "trips" or Zoom sessions will be the same as your regular field trip class was--every Tuesday or Thursday at 9:30 a.m. However, our virtual trips will last only about an hour.

You may be asked to download the Zoom software, if you don't already have it. When you download the program once, you will not have to do it again on your computer.

NOTE: Some people who do not have a webcam or microphone may call with their phones AND view the video on the computer screen. This way, you can see what we are doing and communicate with us.

Do you have a mobile device? Then go to the app store and download the free Zoom app and set it up. Then, when you click on the link for your session, it will automatically open in the app. Or, just as easy, open the app and tap join a meeting, then add the meeting ID.

For instructions on joining your specific weekly Zoom session, please visit The Zoom Classroom page on this website. For your convenience, here is a quick link to our weekly Zoom sessions:

Remember, it is optional to join our Zoom meetings. We hope you do, but if you don't, we hope you will enjoy the lesson and videos each week.

Spring 2021 Course Syllabus

SPRING 2021 of Retirement Living 530 Syllabus Template 2.20.19 .pdf

Weekly schedule (scroll through to view all)

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The Instructors

Sue Swersky

(858) 254-0038

Pat Mosteller

(619) 818-3953