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I believe in the importance of getting the fundamentals right.  Building great technology requires great people and the right processes.  But even the best people and processes can't deliver unless the culture they work in allows it.  And culture is created by leadership.

I work with leaders to help them establish the psychological safety, inclusive team practices and culture they need to deliver at their best, avoid burnout, and retain staff.  I can also help you to design and facilitate your important meetings and workshops to make them engaging, inclusive, and drive real change.

I have more than 30 years experience as a software developer, designer, teacher, facilitator, process change leader, and design executive. 

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What John can do for you
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Workshops & Talks

John can do talks or interactive workshops with leaders or teams on team health, fostering psychological safety, UX practice, and process improvement.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

John can help you design and run powerful, inclusive and engaging meetings or workshops to achieve the collaboration you need to meet your goals.

Coaching & Training

John can help with deeper dives to diagnose team health and culture problems, or to help cross-functional  teams build out the processes, norms and trust they need to move to the next level.

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A to-do list for new managers

A woman tried unsuccessfully to communicate with a man through a tin-can phone

When your feedback style needs feedback.

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You don't have to know everything


Psychological Safety

In this interview from 2022, I chat with Alex Smith from Fuego UX about the importance of fostering psychological safety in your development teams.  (You can see more of Alex's Design Leader Interviews on the Fuego UX YouTube Channel)

Making Change Happen

In this presentation from UXDX USA 2022 in New York City, I talk about how process change can be helped or hindered by corporate culture.  I talk about how to diagnose culture problems, and how to shift culture.