Multilingual and Immigrant Student Support for NYC Public Schools

Welcome to the Multilingual Learners and Immigrant Student Support site for NYC Public Schools.

Here you will find relevant resources for schools, students, and families. The site will also feature select professional learning opportunities for teachers, parent coordinators, school counselors, and social workers, as well as student and family opportunities.

Lean into the site to access strategies designed to ensure multilingual and immigrant students can safely navigate school and pursue a postsecondary pathway, and with the assurance that families can equitably engage in the fullness of their educational journey.

As a reminder, NYC Public Schools does not ask about or track student immigration status, and schools should make resources and information pertinent to immigrant communities available to everyone in the school community.

4 Pillars of Multilingual Learner Engagement

The Four Pillars of ML/ELL Engagement - namely, building intentional community, ensuring accessibility, supporting social-emotional well-being, and culturally responsive and sustaining practices - are foundational to efforts in supporting multilingual and immigrant students and families to navigate schools and see themselves reflected in our communities.

Build Community

It takes a village to support our students. Engage your students and  families as partners and identify local organizations to support your efforts.

Ensure Equitable Access

Build cultural and navigational capital for our students; apply scaffolds and break down culturally specific words and concepts. Provide resources in home languages and through diverse outlets.

Prioritize Social-Emotional Learning

Affirm racial, cultural and linguistic identities and ensure our students have the social and emotional capital to sustain themselves and thrive. 

Ensure CRS Practices

We must strive for anti-racism, and reframe any narrative or language that detracts from the greatness of multilingual and immigrant students across diverse immigration statuses and journeys.

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