Welcome to School 21's virtual classroom for the primary school. We are thinking of all the children and families at the school and are eager to help in any way we can.

We hope you find this useful in this troubled time, and it helps you keep your child's mind active and consolidates the learning they've recently been doing at school. It is not a list of things children must do, but is a range of resources for you to select from and use. There is a specific page per year group and subject, but below is some general guidance.

One of the most important forms of home learning is reading. We would like all children to read for at least 20 minutes (to you or to themselves if they are older). Ask them questions about what they've read (italics for more challenging questions):

  • What happened? (Can you summarise in four sentences? First... Next... Then... Finally...)

  • Were there any words you didn't know/ you need to clarify? (Encourage children to re-read the sentence with the word in it to try to understand if from the context themselves before telling them what the word means - they can also look at pictures to help with what it means, and think of words they do know that are similar to it).

  • What characters were there? What were they like? (How do you know this?)

  • What powerful word/ phrases did the author use? What's the effect of this on the reader?

  • What's one sentence that stood out to you? What makes it so powerful?

  • What do you predict will happen next? What clues in the book make you think this will happen?

Reception and KS1 parents: The Oxford Owl website has e-books of the right colour band for your child, so you can make sure they're reading books of the right level: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/ The Collins big cat website also has book banded e-books: https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks

Other e-books:


If they are well, we would also encourage you to ensure your child:

  • Completes at least one maths activity a day.

  • Does writing every day - either inspired by something they've read or seen, or from an idea on here.

  • Practises spellings (each year group page has the appropriate spelling list on it).

  • Does something creative - drawing, painting, cooking, dancing.

  • Does something active (Cosmic Kids is a great resource linked to on the Great Websites page) .

  • Learns something new to develop their curiosity. There are some fascinating websites on the Great Websites page.

Resources for talking about coronovirus

We know a lot of the children will pick on the worry and anxiety about coronovirus, so here are some links you might find useful when talking to your child about coronvirus.