Student iPads will be configured with a core suite of apps including Google apps and Apple apps that integrate with Apple OSX applications. After consultation with teachers of sixth grade students, additional apps will be added to student iPads to support academic work in individual classes.

Teacher iPads will include core student apps as well as a number of apps supporting teaching and teacher productivity. Teachers will be able to request preview copies of apps for possible future use.

Student and teacher iPads will include the Schoology app, and teachers will be able to manage their students' iPads using Apple Classroom.

Students and teachers will be provided with a Logitech Rugged Combo 2 Case and Keyboard.


  • Garageband: music composition, sound design
  • iMovie: video editing
  • Keynote: multimedia presentation
  • Numbers: spreadsheets, charts and graphs
  • Pages: word processing, page design
  • Swift Playgrounds: coding and coding activities


  • Calendar: calendar and planning
  • Chrome: internet browser
  • Classroom: class resources
  • Docs: word processing
  • Drive: web-based storage
  • Keep: notes, lists, and more
  • Maps: maps (and more)
  • Earth: satellite imagery, geographic information
  • Photos: store images
  • Sheets: spreadsheets, charts and graphs
  • Slides: presentations


  • Adobe Spark Video: videos and slideshows
  • Clips: quick videos with graphics
  • ComicLife: create comics
  • Explain Everything: interactive collaborative whiteboard
  • Notability: note-taking, annotation
  • Overdrive: eBooks and audiobooks
  • Quizlet: flashcards