For Students

Tips for Students:

● Keep your locker nice and neat so you can get what you need when you need it

● You only have three minutes between classes so don't take your time talking

● Remember to bring an extra change of clothes for PE when you have it

● Sign up on time for whatever clubs/sports you want to be in

Be prepared for every class (books, binder, planner, pencil, pen, homework, etc.)

● You need to know where all of the classrooms are

● Don't forget that you are not the only one to get lost or get to your class late. There are many of other kids that are also new to B.M.S.

● Ask a teacher/staff member any questions that you have

● Follow a buddy or classmate in the hallway if they are going to the same place as you, if you think you are going to get lost

● Don't be scared of the older kids (most of the stuff kids say about middle school are rumors and not true)

● Don't forget your lunch money (or check) if you need it

● Do all of your homework (if you need help ask a teacher)

● Be sure to know what to bring for all of your field trips

● You also need to know when your field trips are and get permission slips signed

● Make sure you always have a pass that is signed by a teacher when you are in the hallway (not when you are getting to a class)

● Don't keep any milk (or open food) in your locker after (or before) lunch (it smells very bad)

● If you respect teachers and students then they will respect you back