(Student Assistance Program Provider)

Mrs. Jen Gagnon is our Student Assistance Program Provider for Belmont Middle School and the High School.

Belmont High School’s Student Assistance Program has been expanded this year to implement a drug and alcohol education prevention curriculum to all freshmen. In addition to facilitating the drug and alcohol education program, Belmont’s Student Assistance Coordinator will work with students that are at higher risk for substance use as well as a number of other issues the youth may encounter.

Youth Service Bureau -

A local agency that offers a variety of services geared toward helping youth on a variety of issues from delinquency to anger management. The website outlines the number of services available and provides the necessary forms. There are also several helpful links to other area agencies and services for youth in Belknap County.

Child and Family Services

This agency is a great resourced for families that are struggling with several issues. Teen runaway services to substance abuse treatment is outlined on this website.

New Futures-

This is an organization working to reduce underage alcohol problems and improve access to treatment in NH through leadership and policy development.

F.A.S.T.E.R. – Families Advocating for Substance Abuse Treatment, Education, and Recovery –

This group is an alliance of parents and family members that have been personally impacted by adolescent substance use and/or addiction.

Partnership for a Drug Free America -

This website can provide a parent or student with valuable information in regards to signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use as well as factual information about illicit drugs.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana . Click Here to learn the Negative Effects of Marijuana.