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As a school we are addressing the issues of bullying and harassment by educating our students through our “DARE” program, classroom guidance with a focus on Bullying Prevention and presentations on the dangers of cyberbullying. Teachers and administrators are dealing with specific incidents of bullying and harassment as they are identified and are actively supervising students to prevent future incidents.

Cell phones provide students with an easy means of bullying/harassing others so our building policy “cell phones are not permitted during school hours” is being strictly enforced.

We need your help to successfully decrease the incidents of bullying and harassment at the middle school. Please help us by:

· Discussing with your child what bullying and harassment mean and the effects they have on individual people and the school environment as a whole.

· Discussing with your child ways to deal with conflicts without resorting to bullying or harassing others.

· Encouraging your child to let you, a teacher, a counselor or an administrator know if they are being bullied or harassed in school.

· Encouraging your child to resist the temptation to engage in bullying/harassing behavior even when their peers are engaging in them

· Keeping cell phones at home unless it's absolutely necessary for a student to have it on the way to or from school.

· Calling the office if you need to get a message to your child. Please don't text or call him/her during school hours.

· Monitoring your child's activities on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

Thank you for your assistance with this very important issue. Please contact us with questions, concern or suggestions as we are confident that, working together, we can address these issues and make Belmont Middle School a positive, safe and comfortable environment in which to learn.

For the kids,

Annette Blake