About Us

Belmont Middle School has two school counselors: Annette Blake, M.Ed. in school counseling grades 6&8 and Ms. Wells, M.Ed., NCC. in school counseling grades 5&7.

The school counseling department offers a variety of services for all students, which include: individual and group counseling, academic advice, behavior planning, crisis counseling and peer mediation training.

School counseling is a school-wide resource and support service for students, parents, and fellow educators. We strive to promote student success through academic achievement, social and individual learning, and career development.

How do we help?

Our goal is to focus primarily on addressing the developmental needs of all students. Mrs. Blake and Ms. Wells work with all students through classroom curriculum. These lessons are aligned with the standards put forth by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). Some topics include bullying and teasing prevention, developing friendship skills, dealing with peer pressure, improving self-image, ethics and value, goal setting and career exploration. Parents and teachers can request individual counseling sessions for their student. School counselors will consult with parents, teachers, and administration to ensure that all of the adults working with your child are collaboratively working together.