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upcoming events

Spring Concerts

Though our year is rapidly coming to a close we still have a number of performances coming up! All of the following will be taking place in our very own Auditorium here at Spaulding HS:


INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT - Tuesday May 28th @ 7 PM

HONORS CHAMBER RECITAL - Friday May 31st @ 6:30 PM

Pre-Band Camp

Our annual Pre-Band Camp day, where we introduce our incoming Freshmen to our take on the marching arts, is quickly approaching! More information will be posted here and through our media outlets as it becomes available, but the important thing to know right now is when it happens!

PRE-BAND CAMP - Saturday June 8th, 9AM - 3PM (required for all 2019-2020 SHS Band Students)


Group & Private Lesson Program

Our group and private lesson program is wrapping up for the year. A few students have make-up lessons scheduled over the next couple of weeks, but many have already completed their studies. There are still a number of students who have yet to finish paying for their lessons and we'll need to get those funds in ASAP so that we can cover our costs!


Online Payments

The Spaulding Music Department is excited to announce that we are now able to accept online credit card payments for fees and other bills through our CHARMS Parent/Student Portal using PayPal (no account required - just use the guest checkout option)! This is just one of several new features offered through the system with others to follow in the future.

Students were supplied with their Charms ID # earlier this year and a "one-sheet" that explains how to log on to the system.

A copy of the instructions can be found HERE. Ask your child for their ID number, or contact Kate Hayward for assistance.

Please Note: A small surcharge will be added to each transaction to cover processing fees charged by PayPal.

We hope this service provides you a welcome alternative to sending money or checks in with your students, however you may also continue to pay using any of the methods with which you have in the past.