Years 5 & 6

Remote Learning Links

This page is where you will find links to whole school resources and other resources designed to support students during Remote learning.

Suggested Home Learning Activities

Please choose a range of Home Learning activities to complete each day.

Make sure you choose a mix of literacy, numeracy and other curricular activities each day.

Please ensure your child is reading for at least 15 minutes each day

Find resources for all stages of learning. Explore featured resources and browse resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

The FUSE resource below contains a set of self-directed learning activities that are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10. These materials have been provided for Victorian students’ educational use during the COVID19 outbreak.

  • FUSE (Vic Government)

Level 5 English Self Directed Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

Level 6 English Self Directed Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

Level 5 Maths Self Directed Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

Level 6 Maths Self Directed Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

Literacy Activities

  • Daily Reading - Literature Circle group work

  • Writing Prompts- Choose a picture of your choice and write an imaginative story

  • Storybox Library - user: sakeilor password: Reading (pick a story and then complete the suggested activity after)

  • Play Board Games - Scrabble, pictionary, story cubes - or a game of choice

  • Kids News HeraldSun Comprehension Tasks - See below link to great 'at home' learning ideas

Numeracy Activities

  • Essential Assessment My Numeracy Tasks - Check the pre assessments set by your teacher to complete in week 1

  • Engage in Home Cooking Experiences - using the list of ingredients practice your maths by increasing the quantities by 10 and by 100 (You don't have to make it this big!)

  • Mapping activities around the house - Focus: Area/Perimeter - what is the area and perimeter of your bedroom, kitchen and lounge room

  • Card Games or maths related board games

Other Activities and Ideas

Studyladder - class login page

Kids News - Daily 'At Home' learning ideas P - 6