Years 1 & 2

Remote Learning Links

This page is where you will find links to whole school resources and other resources designed to support students during Remote learning .

Suggested Remote Learning Activities

Please choose a range of activities from Literacy, Maths and Other Ideas & Additional Resource to complete each day. Please ensure your child is reading for at least 10-15 minutes each day practising Hot Words and completing their math-a-magic card as per daily routines.

Find resources for all stages of learning. Explore featured resources and browse resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

The FUSE resource below contains a set of self-directed learning activities that are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10. These materials have been provided for Victorian students’ educational use during the COVID19 outbreak.

FUSE (Vic Government Website)

-Level 1 Self Directed English Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

-Level 2 Self Directed English Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

-Level 1 Self Directed Maths Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

-Level 2 Self Directed Maths Learning Activities (Downloadable Booklets)

Literacy Activities

  • Storybox Library - user: sakeilor password: reading (choose a story and click 'Classroom Notes' or 'Activity Time' at the bottom for some additional ideas)

  • Storyline online- Choose a story to listen to and write about your favourite part of the story

  • Daily Reading (pull out high frequency words, recall beginning, middle and end, write about your favourite part, write sentences or orally talk about the book to build comprehension)

  • THRASS Hot Words (Practise reading words on the list -play snap, go fish, memory games to build recognition)

  • Writing - Daily Rocket writing: use images or sentence starters for creative writing

  • Daily journal

  • Study Ladder- log on and choose from the different literacy games /activities

  • Engage in experiences such as art & craft and home cooking - write a recount and describe their experience, write about the procedure, materials used etc.


  • Mathamagic Cards - Revision

  • Numeracy Games (counting forwards and backwards from any starting number, identify before and after, write addition/subtraction sentences, uno, card games, find different ways to make a number)

  • Essential Assessment (My Numeracy goals, Sunset maths)

  • Sumdog

  • Play Board Games (Roll dice and add the numbers together)

Other Ideas & Additional Resources

  • Study Ladder (all subjects)

  • Say a different prayer each day (For example, during meal time, daily morning prayer)

  • Find a prayer space and say a prayer with your family

  • Art for kids hub - A great resource to use for children to follow instructions and draw an image, reflect after what they found challenging.

  • Movement (Smiling Mind, Gonoodle, Cosmic Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation)

  • Performing Arts-Music

  • ITALIAN interactive language games & activities

  • Code Camp World - (Free)

Studyladder - class login page