Years 1 & 2

Home Learning Links

This page is where you will find whole school resources in the event the school is closed or your child is unable to attend school due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Find resources for all stages of learning. Explore featured resources and browse resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

Suggested Home Learning Activities

Please choose a range of activities from Literacy, Maths and Other Ideas & Additional Resource to complete. Please ensure your child is reading for at least 10-15 minutes each day and completing their math-a-magic card as per daily routines.


  • Storybox Library - user: sakeilor password: reading (choose a story and click 'Classroom Notes' or 'Activity Time' at the bottom for some additional ideas)
  • Storyline online
  • Daily Reading (pull out high frequency words, recall beginning, middle and end, write about your favourite part, write sentences or orally talk about the book to build comprehension)
  • THRASS Hot Words (play snap, go fish, memory games to build recognition)
  • Writing Prompts - Rocket writing, use images or sentence starters for creative writing
  • Daily journal
  • Engage in experiences such as art & craft and home cooking - write a recount and describe their experience, write about the procedure, materials used etc.
  • Bookflix-Online Digital Texts


  • Mathamagic Cards - Revision
  • Numeracy Games (counting forwards and backwards from any starting number, identify before and after, write addition/subtraction sentences, uno, card games, find different ways to make a number)
  • Essential Assessment (My Numeracy goals, Sunset maths)
  • Sumdog
  • Play Board Games (Roll dice and add the numbers together)

Other Ideas & Additional Resources

  • Study Ladder (all subjects)
  • Say a different prayer each day (For example, during meal time, daily morning prayer)
  • Find a prayer space and say a prayer with your family
  • Art for kids hub - A great resource to use for children to follow instructions and draw an image, reflect after what they found challenging.
  • Movement (Smiling Mind, Gonoodle, Cosmic Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation)
  • ICT with Ms Ann-Marie
  • Performing Arts-Music
  • ITALIAN interactive language games & activities
  • Code Camp World - (Free)

Studyladder - class login page

Term 2

Week 2 Weekly Program

Week 3 Weekly Program