Learning at Home - Kids News P-2

Covid Isolation Support

If your child needs to isolate at home due to Covid we have put together a Home learning Planner for each year level. All planners and activities can be downloaded.

*Click on the Planner image to open and download the weekly Planner (Term 2)

Please note:There is no expectation that students complete these activities. These are being provided as a support if you are wanting to continue with Home Learning whilst isolating.

Other Online Resources to explore

  • Storyline online- Choose a story to listen to and write about your favourite part of the story

  • THRASS Hot Words (Practise reading and writing words on the list -play snap, go fish, memory games to build recognition)

Home Learning Packs

These activity ideas are provided for parents to use with their children at home and provide fun, stimulating activities that can be used as described or adapted and built upon as desired

Prep Home Learning Pack (Click on the link to download the Prep booklet)

The FUSE resource below contains a set of self-directed learning activities that are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and are also available for parents to download.

The quality of the FUSE learning tasks are mostly self-directed, meaning children can do it by themselves, and are generally open-ended and can be interpreted by children of differing ages to suit their own capabilities/strengths. Enjoy and have fun

Foundation (Prep) Level- Maths (Downloadable Booklets)

Foundation (Prep) Level- English (Downloadable Booklets)

FUSE FUN AT HOME -various fun online activities to complete