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This page is where you will find whole school resources in the event the school is closed or your child is unable to attend school due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Find resources for all stages of learning. Explore featured resources and browse resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

Suggested Home Learning Activities

Please choose at least 1 Literacy, 1 Maths and 1 craft task/ outdoor activity per day. These activities can be repeated and will need to be repeated to embed learning.

Please ensure your child is reading for at least 10 minutes each day and completing their math-a-magic card as per daily routines.


  • Daily Reading - pointing to letters, identifying different words, discuss what they see in the pictures.
  • Daily Journal- to complete orally and attempt initial sounds when writing, parent then to scribe and child to draw a picture.
  • Letter recognition and writing letters- playing games such as snap, memory, go fish, making words out of letters.
  • Letter Hunt-Turn old magazines and catalogs into phonics activities that develop your child's comprehension even further. Pick a letter and spot everything in the catalog that has the same phonetic sound.
  • THRASS Hot Words - hot words sorting - cut up hot words and organise in correct order, use the hot word in sentences orally, find hots words in texts.
  • Storybox Library- user: sakeilor password: reading -watch a story and refer to the classroom ideas that you can look at and implement one of the activities for the text.
  • Storylineonline- Watch a story with your child and complete one of the activities below:
    • Recall the beginning/middle/end of the story,
    • Draw a picture of your favourite character,
    • Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story,
    • Design a new front cover for the book,
    • Change the ending of the story and draw a picture.

BookFlix Online Digital Texts

Oral Language- have lots of conversations with your child. For example; Discuss their favourite part of the day.

    • Please ensure you remind your child to use full sentences, correct tenses and correctly pronouncing words.
    • Discuss emotions and how they feel.


  • Essential Assessment -My Numeracy
  • Math-a-magic Cards -Revision
  • Sumdog (Maths)
  • Number -
    • Recognise numbers using number cards: snap, go fish, memory.
    • Play tenzi (you need 10 dice for this roll the dice and keep rolling until all dice are the same number eg all dice are 5) or any dice games.
    • Any board/ card games such as snakes and ladders, uno, playing cards (recognise the number).
    • Make the number using materials and write the number.
    • Ordering smallest to largest & largest to smallest.
    • Counting forwards and backwards from any starting number, before and after.

Craft/ Outdoor Activity

  • Engage in Home Cooking Experiences - orally recalling events that have occured when cooking, draw a picture of the end result, attempt to write initial sounds for ingredients that were used.
  • Art Craft - recycling boxes, milk cartoons etc from home get students to make art creation such as a robots, necklaces, make insects or creatures - students to orally recount their experience, then attempt to write initial sounds or words to describe their experience, parents to scribe for students.
  • Art hub online is a great resource to use for children to follow instructions and draw an image, reflect after what they found challenging. Art for kids hub .
  • Building blocks - create a new realm and discuss over and under concepts.
  • Puzzles.
  • Outplay - to improve gross motor concepts including balancing games, hopping, skipping, ball games including catching, throwing, bouncing.
  • Board games.
  • MUSIC-Nursery Rhymes
  • ITALIAN interactive language games & activities

Movement Breaks/Mindfulness

  • Movement breaks - Gonoodle - you will need to create a log in
  • Cosmic Yoga - youtube yoga activities
  • Mindfulness colouring ins
  • Smiling Minds meditation

Digital Technology

Studyladder - class login page

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