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June 25th: 4pm AEST:
Avid Pro Tools:
instructions on how to set it up are here

June 24th 9pm AEST:
Adobe Creative Cloud:
subsidy available for privately purchased (Education) license for all disciplines.
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June 16th 8pm AEST:
ProTools 3 month special paid license available soon, see AudioApple Pro Apps bundle: education license for $AU 299, see Audio
Ableton Education : free trial license now for 90 days and buy a license at 40% discount for student and staff, see Audio

Flexible, Blended Delivery Mode from Monday the 23rd of March (Australia)

We are offering our hands-on collaborative curriculum despite some the challenges with the current pandemic: on Monday 23 March we have launched blended flexible learning, meaning you can attend class on campus or from somewhere else. Either way, your class will be delivered via Zoom and your facilitator will be in another location.

Our biggest challenge has been making this happen, while also ensuring that we can accommodate people working remotely - at least until the end of this trimester. The good news is that remote practice is a widely used strategy in the creative industries. Thanks to our industry links, we’ve been able to implement a range of tools that will enable you to continue your studies next week, whether you are on campus or somewhere else.

Using Zoom for all Modules

The Zoom application is a video conferencing software application used extensively in different industries. Through this application, you will be able to interact with your facilitator and peers no matter where you are. The application works on PC, Mac, Linux, as well on mobile phones and tablets running iOS and Android, however, for the best experience, we recommend that you run the application on a PC or Mac - even if you are on campus for your scheduled class.

How to attend your modules:

Just before your scheduled class time:

  1. Log in to Campus Online

  2. Find the Zoom link in the Online Class and Staff Contact Information section

  3. Load the Zoom link

  4. Once the application is up and running, your class will begin!

If you are attending on campus, you can use any available campus computer to participate, so spread out- this can allow for recommended social distancing. Please bring your own headphones, preferably ones with an in-built microphone if you are coming to campus.

If you are attending off-campus, you will need a computer/device with video and audio capability and reliable internet for the entire scheduled class (microphone, webcam, earphones, etc)

Before and After Class

Your pre-class and post-class activities will remain largely unchanged so please continue to use Campus Online and your Learning Journal to access materials.

During class

Your facilitator will run the virtual classroom in a similar way to your physical classroom, in real time, will all of you contributing

  • You are expected to attend your classes, and your timetable has not changed

  • Respect, courtesy and collaboration are expected in the virtual classroom, as in the physical classroom.

  • There will be separate zoom ‘rooms’ where you can collaborate with others, and your facilitator will be able to talk to you on one and one, and to the whole group.

  • You will be able to ask questions and participate using video and chat functions.

  • Your facilitator will be able to take polls, share screens, show videos and share other resources.

  • The emphasis on collaboration, group work and transferable skills is no different, so you will be encouraged to contribute, reflect, support, try and fail.

  • The zoom session will be recorded for your facilitator to review after the class- it will not be available to students after the session.

If you are attending classes from off-campus

  1. Test your video and audio set up before class.

  2. Find a quiet space where you can participate without interruptions.

  3. Participate as though you are in the physical classroom.

Access to software if you are off-campus

We’re all working hard on this, your facilitators know this isn’t all perfect yet, so they will be working around it for your first few classes until we have access for students working off-campus.

Many vendors are offering assistance to provide student access to software while physical campuses are closed or students are working more from home. While SAE is working directly with vendors, each vendor has different criteria, methods and requirements. In some cases you will need to download the software and make application for a licence or use a central form so we can make that application on your behalf.

Please check the details for software related to your discipline and communications software via the pages on this site.

Common and Comms (e.g. Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, Discord)

Animation (e.g. Adobe Substance, Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max)

Audio (e.g. Apple Logic, ProTools, Ableton Live)


Film (e.g. Black Magic Design, Final Draft, Celtx)

Games (e.g. Unity, Visual Studio)

Music (e.g. ProTools, Complete Start, Ableton Live)

As more vendors are providing solutions for student working from home we suggest you bookmark this page and check regularly for updates.