Proposed changes would add space that is needed to adequately offer academics and co-curricular programming for every Rutherford student as enrollment grows.

  • Build a new gym that is an appropriate size for a middle school. The current gym is about half the size of what the state considers the standard for a middle school, which houses students in grades 7 and 8. The new gym would also be available for community use.

  • Convert the existing gym into 3 learning labs. These learning labs will be designed to support science, STEM, and other academics that rely on group collaboration, hands-on action, and student-driven analysis.

This Robotics class uses the floor for its spread-out, hands-on, collaborative work. There are no lab tables for this space.

  • Large-scale maintenance projects are included in this proposal to protect the community's investment in school buildings while capitalizing on state aid to cover much of the cost.
    • Correct moisture damage to wood flooring in 10 rooms and the auditorium stage.
    • Restore the building’s front columns that are crumbling from age and weather.

By taking care of this maintenance item with bond borrowing instead of the operating budget, state aid would cover some of the cost.