Proposed changes would bring this building into compliance with state regulations for the youngest students and with federal laws for accessibility.

  • Build 3 new in-classroom restrooms to free Rutherford from seeking annual waivers to this state regulation. State representatives have advised that the waiver will not be granted beyond the next school year.

  • Add a restroom to the Nurse‚Äôs Office in order to provide for better daily functioning. Currently, sick students have to go down a hallway to use the restroom.

The Nurse's Office is jammed into an area not originally intended to serve sick students.

  • Install air conditioning for the heavily used Multi-Purpose Room.

  • Add an elevator to provide complete accessibility to the building. Accommodating a person in this multi-level school requires the difficult use of a chair lift.

This video shows the time, space, and comfort difficulties of using the current Chair Lift to help some navigate this multi-level building.