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Last fall, your Board of Education sought voter approval of a plan to improve and maintain Rutherford schools. When voters rejected the referendum, the board and the administration made a commitment to listen to our community to learn why. We made every effort to fulfill our commitment and had meetings and honest discussions with community members of all ages.

We heard support for our schools, but not support for that particular proposal at that cost.

A new plan focuses on solving core problems without making major changes to non-instructional areas. It seeks to solve pressing facility needs in a way the entire community can support, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

On June 3rd, the public Board of Education meeting included a presentation about the new plan, and the board voted unanimously to put it on the Sept. 24 ballot.

The new plan balances numerous interests to reflect the ONE RUTHERFORD that contributes to and benefits from a strong school district.


Your Board of Education learned from the 2018 experience that the community wants to keep the High School pool intact, and wants a more affordable way to maintain the excellence of Rutherford schools. A new plan reflects those goals, but still seeks to meet very real needs.

To stay competitive as a housing market and as a school district, Rutherford needs additional space to contend with a rise in enrollment and improved facilities to meet educational standards. Proposed projects would address

  • the space needs caused by higher enrollment;
  • improvements necessary to meet state and national standards; and
  • critical maintenance/repairs to aging buildings.

The new plan also capitalizes on state aid that would cover about $9 million of project costs, so long as those projects are voter-approved and bond-funded. (That aid is not available for costs paid for from the annual operating budget.)

That’s the nutshell version, but this site offers more project details including a school-by-school breakdown showing what improvements would be made.