Proposed changes would address space needs due to rising enrollment and would solve some of the safety and efficiency issues that come with older buildings.

  • Renovate four substandard science labs so classroom activities can meet national curriculum standards.
    • Why is this work necessary? RHS science labs are from the 1970s and they do not meet New Jersey Student Learning Standards Science (NJSLSS), necessary to help keep the curriculum and our students competitive in college and careers.

RHS currently has substandard science labs.

Renovated science labs would be better designed for collaboration, hands-on work, and access to supplies.

  • Repair and renovate the Mortimer wing’s exterior facade and doors, including the construction and mechanical upgrades associated with that work. The heating and cooling systems at that 1950s-era wing are inefficient and obsolete.
    • Why is this work necessary? The Mortimer wing facade and windows were built in 1958. They do not perform efficiently and have surpassed their life expectancy. These reasons and others are symptoms of an aging building that needs intensive maintenance. With a voter-approved bond referendum, state funding will cover about 40% of the costs.

The Mortimer Wing's current exterior shows its age.

This image shows one renovation option for that wing.