Bulldog Care

Grades K-6

Rutherford Public Schools is proud to offer Bulldog Care.  Bulldog Care will take place before school starts and after school ends to meet the needs of today’s working parents who need childcare outside of school hours.  Registered participants will be involved in age-appropriate activities, which are planned and supervised by experienced staff.

Who can attend the program?

Any Rutherford Public School student in Kindergarten through sixth grade is eligible to participate in the Bulldog Care program.  

Where will the programs be held?

The program will be offered in the multipurpose rooms/gymnasiums at the Kindergarten Center, Lincoln School, Washington School and Pierrepont School.

What kinds of activities will the children be involved in?

Children will be involved in age-appropriate activities.  Snacks will be provided in both AM and PM programs.  Each building will offer homework help, arts and crafts, STEM, outdoor play and special events. A monthly calendar of themes and activities will be provided to children and their families.  The children will be exposed to these activities through interactive, hands-on, and fun experiences.  There will be plenty of time for socialization, physical activity and the arts.

What are the hours of operation? 

Bulldog Care AM will run Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to the start of school. 

Bulldog Care PM will begin at the end of the school day until 6:30pm.   There will be three different pick up times to choose from (4:30, 5:30, 6:30).

What happens if I am late picking my child up?

Parents who arrive after the dismissal time listed above on more than one occasion will be charged a late fee of $15 for each 15-minute interval after dismissal time.  If the child is not picked up after 45 minutes and/or no contact has been made with parent/emergency contact, the child will be placed in the custody of the Rutherford Police Department. Late fees must be paid within 24 hours or child/children will be suspended from the program until fees are paid in full.

What happens if school closes due to inclement weather?

Bulldog Care follows the school calendar and schedules.  If Rutherford Public Schools has a delayed opening there will be no before care, and if there is an early dismissal there will be no aftercare.  Parents must make arrangements to have their child dropped off or picked up at the scheduled school time.  There may be times that Bulldog Care needs to close during the day due to impending inclement weather.  Please be sure to have an emergency contact on file that can pick up your child at the end of the school day.

Is there a registration fee for Bulldog Care?

Yes, there is a nonrefundable $50 registration fee for each child enrolled in the program. Registration will be online. Registration will NOT be completed unless the registration fee is paid.

Will flexible scheduling and Drop-In Services be offered?

Parents can choose to register their child for 2- 5 days a week for both AM and PM  Bulldog Care on a monthly basis.  Parents will have three pick up options to choose from: 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. pick-up.  Changes can only be made monthly before the 15th of the previous month. 

Drop-In services are available for emergency situations for an additional fee. In order to use the Drop-In service, students must be registered and the Bulldog Care Coordinator/Site Director needs to be contacted.

How can I register for the program?

Registration selections will roll over month to month unless you need to make changes.  Changes can be made between the 1st-15th of the month prior.  No changes will be accepted after the 15th.

Important information regarding payments, procedures, curriculum and discipline will be explained on the Bulldog Care website. District policies and regulations will apply to this program.  

Please note:  There is limited space at the K-Center.  Registration will be limited to first come first serve.  Registration is considered complete once the registration fee is paid in full.

What is the payment schedule/fees?

Payments will be due by the 30th of the month for the next months services. There will be a $15 late fee, per child, for tuition not paid on time. Continuous late payments could result in removal from the program.

The fee will appear in your child's PaySchools account by approximately the 20th of each month. This allows time for adjustments in fees, following the closing of the monthly registration sheet which is available from the first to the 15th of each new month for new parents, or currently participating parents who need to make changes to their child's schedule.

Please DO NOT USE the registration sheet unless you are making changes to your child's schedule.

How do I pay online?  

Tuition will be paid online via PaySchoolsCentral.com

What if I have a question?

If you have any questions, please contact Marie DeSalvo, Coordinator of Bulldog Care, at bulldogcare@rutherfordschools.org or Kirsten Szalkiewicz, Bulldog Care Clerical Assistant, at kszalkiewicz@rutherfordschools.org  or 201-753-2446.

John J. Hurley

Superintendent of Schools

Marie DeSalvo

Coordinator of Bulldog Care

Joseph P. Kelly

Business Administrator

Megan Caughey

Supervisor, Kindergarten Center

Jeanna C. Velechko

Principal, Lincoln School

William Mulcahy

Principal, Washington School

Joan Carrion

Principal, Pierrepont School