Miller Counseling Department

Student Needs Assessment: Click here to take a quick survey. Survey results are anonymous and will be used to develop class lessons and groups to support student needs.

Mrs. Perales-Sanchez

8th Grade School Counselor

Ms. Tavaglione

7th Grade School Counselor

Ms. Hebert

School Assistance Program Counselor

School Counseling Program Vision Statement

Through participation in the Frank Augustus Miller Middle School Counseling Program all students have equitable access to the tools to be successful in college and career. They lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives while contributing to their community. Our students demonstrate empathy towards others and respect cultural diversity. They view learning as a lifelong process, having the skills and resilience to overcome barriers.

School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of the FAMMS school counseling department is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program based on the ASCA National Model that promotes equity, access and success for all. School counselors will engage and serve students, parents, staff, and the community in order to deliver equitable access to academic, personal-social, and career development. Students leaving FAMMS will be lifelong learners developing skills and resiliency to overcome barriers in order to achieve their goals.