Making Connections

technology that supports learning in RSU1

Benefits of Google Suite

Here in RSU1 we are using the Google Suite to connect our teachers and students to their devices. The suite includes services like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well as Google Classroom, Calendar and Mail. It also holds their bookmarks and other information on their Google account. This means students and teachers can access their files and information anywhere where they have an internet capable device. When Google Classroom is used Teachers can assign assignments that are all through the Google Classroom app. Meaning students can log in whenever they need to and complete the work assigned to them. Teachers can also send announcements and add guardian emails for each student. That way parents can see exactly what has been worked on in their child's class.

Browsing awareness

Do you know what your kids do on the devices they use? Is it appropriate for their age? Are they talking to other people directly via chat or voice? If you are unsure of what your kids are accessing online, then Common Sense Media has some great tips, ideas, guides, and information on the most popular media. This includes games, movies, music, and even websites. If you already are aware of what your child is doing, but are having trouble separating them from that technology, this site is for you. Please feel free to check it out at

Social media

Social media is one of the most popular areas on the internet. Your children and ourselves alike tend to spend a lot of time on those sites. A few examples? Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter to name a few. Even Presidents of our country use it minute by minute. What does this do for our children though? What sorts of additional stresses or potential issues rise from children having access to them? Once again, Common Sense Media has a great section devoted to making sure your understanding is where it needs to be.

Creative Commons and good research

All across RSU1 from grades low to high, students are told to be mindful of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious crime. Though it's unlikely that someone under 18 will get charged for infringement on a homework assignment, it's still an important thing to instill early on. Later in life Plagiarism will be taken much more seriously. Purdue University states that infringers can be charged up to $150,000, pay for all lawyer fees, and be put in jail. Not to worry though, "there are three major exceptions to the copyright law that are commonly used by educators: fair use, face-to-face instruction, and virtual instruction. Exceptions allow for the use of a work without requesting permission from the copyright holder and potentially paying fees." One great resource that can be used to avoid this issue is using the Creative Commons for media and information used for assignments. Creative Commons is great for searching for content that can be used freely without worry of infringement.