Distance Learning

General Information

RSU1's COVID-19 school closure plan includes remote learning components for students in grades 6-12, using their 1:1 Chromebooks. Distance Learning technology resources are being organized into two categories; Families, and Staff. Looks for the two links above. General technology information that may be of interest is included below.

RSU1 App

Announcements are posted on respective school websites as well as on the RSU1 district website but you can have information delivered right to you via the RSU1 app, available for iOS and Android. The app provides notifications on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. If you are on your mobile device now, tap the App Store images to show the app in your app installer.

Commonly Used Websites and Resources

These are some links to the most common services we use in RSU1. Many of these apps also offer iOS and Android apps.

Productivity Tools

Students and Staff access the G Suite apps using their RSU1 Google Accounts.

  • Google Calendar - A calendar app that lets you create events and manage your time. You can use the conferencing function to set up video meetings with people. As well as see any Google Classroom assignments from the classes you are part of.

  • Google Drive - UNLIMITED cloud based file storage and organization. You can create folders and sub-folders to organize your digital files. You can also share files with other Google users. From Drive you to create new Docs, Sheets, and Slides and have them save directly to a folder for later access.

  • Google Mail - Most of you are familiar with Gmail. Gmail is a email client that uses your Google account. Students and Staff can communicate using emails with attached files. Although classroom is the best way of submitting that kind of work.

  • Google Classroom - Classroom is an online tool that lets a teacher post digital assignments and resources. Students can then "Turn In" an assignment by completing the work provided, or by submitting a variety of other files including, video, sound, documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and more. Teachers then have the opportunity to grade assignments and pass them back to the student.

  • Google Docs - A word processor that allows users to add images, change fonts, indent, make lists and more. Similar to Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages. These are best created using the Create button from inside Google Drive. The file automatically saves, so there is no chance of losing your stuff!

  • Google Slides - A slideshow creator that allows users to add images, text, lists, videos, shapes and more. Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote. These are best created using the Create button from inside Google Drive. .The file automatically saves, so there is no chance of losing your stuff!

  • Google Sheets - A spreadsheet creator that allows users to log and analyze data. Often times running bulk mathematics or creating charts, graphs and more. Similar to Microsoft Excel or Apple's Numbers. These are best created using the Create button from inside Google Drive. The file automatically saves, so there is no chance of losing your stuff!

Additional Websites and Resources

  • Infinite Campus - This is the system that teachers use to submit attendance, grades, and more. Families can use this tool to check their student's current grades, see their schedule, and see what contact information is on file for the student.

  • Zoom - Zoom is a group video chat or video conferencing app. It has some additional tools when compared to Google Meet. Teachers can use this to talk to an entire class at once and hold conversation etc.

  • Google Meets - A Meet is a group video chat / video conference tool. This is good for getting students and staff together in one place to have a classroom like experience. Meets has a minimal interface and is easy to setup using Google Calendar or setting up through the Meet website.

  • Google Hangouts Chat - Hangouts chat is accessed through Gmail, the Hangouts app, or the hangouts website. It offers simple text, video, and voice communication. It's best for 1 on 1, but can be used in a group as well. Great for quick messages between staff or a staff member and a student.

  • District Website - The RSU1 website is easy, rsu1.org . This is where you will see most updates about the district. As stated at the top of the page, you can also use the RSU1 app.

Tech Support in RSU1

Self-Help and How-Tos

The document to the left has TONS of support material. It covers many G-Suite apps as well as some non-Google ones. Please contact us if there is some information that you would like to see made available.

Click this icon that appears in the top right corner to open the document in its own tab.

RSU1 YouTube Channel

We currently have a collection of playlists that help with the most basic tech tasks. Tap the YouTube logo or click this link to take a look.


Please see our ABOUT page for our technology department's contact information.