Voc. English 12- Ms. Clark

November 7 and 21, 2019

I can:

  1. bookmark the library's website to access information and articles.
  2. use the C. R. A. A. P. Test to evaluate articles.
  3. select and read an article that passed the C. R. A. A. P. Test and relates to my CTE program.
  4. analyze and synthesize the article's information by using the reading guide.
  5. evaluate my work using the scoring rubric.


CTE Monthly Research

Is This a Good Resource?

  • Use the C. R. A. A. P. Test
Final Version- C.R.A.A.P. Checklist

How Do I Find an Article?


1) bit.ly/morselibrary (Bookmark the library's website.)

2) Drop-down menu.

3) Click: Research

4) Drop-down menu.

5) Click: Databases A-Z

6) Click: Databases (Morse High School)

7) Type keyword(s) in search bar.

8) Choose an article from the list.