Research Process- How-To Videos

Watch these videos and slides shows to review the research process and to learn helpful tips.

Define: Task Definition (Step 1)

Quality research begins with questions. Good questions help you understand your assignment and guide your research

"Deciphering Your Research Assignment" (6:07 min.)

"Developing a Topic" (4:19 min.)

Plan: Information Seeking Strategies (Step 2)

Quality research requires an organized plan. Plan your search strategy and identify the best sources.

"Generating Search Terms" (3:51 min.)

"Building Search Strings- Part 1: Boolean Operators" (6:26 min.)

"Building Search Strings- Part 2: Nesting, Phrase Searching, and Truncation" (6:47 min.)

"Advanced Searching: Limiters and Subject Searching" (8:41 min.)

"Popular and Scholarly Sources" (5:48 min.)

"Primary and Secondary Sources" (6:14 min.)

Find: Locate and Access Resources (Step 3)

Quality research is based on finding quality information. Know how to choose and use resources and evaluate the information you find.

"What Is a Library Research Database?" (7:07 min.)

"Evaluating Websites" (6:48 min.)

"Effective Reading with SQ4R" (5:34 min.)

"Using Wikipedia for Research" (4:19 min.)

Create: Use of Information (Step 4)

Good researchers make information their own. Take notes and cite your sources.

"Why You Need to Cite Sources" (4:05 min.)

Present: Organize, Synthesize, and Share

Information (Step 5)

Quality research is meant to be communicated. What are the keys to an excellent presentation? Proofread. Polish. Practice.

"Incorporating Information Sources Into Your Research Paper" (5:58 min.)

"Using Signal Phrases to Incorporate Sources Into Your Paper" (8:24 min.)