Read Woke at Morse

Welcome to Read Woke at Morse High School

We invite you to participate in our Woke challenge.

What is Read Woke?

  • A form of education.
  • A call to action and our right as lifelong learners.
  • Arming yourself with knowledge to better protect your rights.
  • Learning about others so you treat people with respect and dignity, no matter their race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability.
  • Examining a social issue such as food insecurity, gun violence, bullying, environmental contamination, access to clean drinking water, drug use, and poverty.

(Note: The Read Woke Movement was started by Cicely Lewis, Library Media Specialist at Meadowcreek High School, Norcross, GA.)

A Woke Book Must:

  • Challenge a social norm
  • Give voice to the voiceless
  • Provide information about a group that has been disenfranchised
  • Seek to challenge the status quo
  • Have a protagonist from an underrepresented or oppressed group

Read Woke Book List

Where do I find Read Woke Books?

  • Morse High School Library
  • See our display of Read Woke titles.
  • Look at our suggested reading list. Titles will be added to the list throughout the year.
  • The reading list can be found by accessing our Library Catalog
          • Use "Read Woke" as your subject search to retrieve the list.

Read Woke Challenge for Students and Staff

Receive a free Read Woke t-shirt

  1. Read 4 Read Woke books.
  2. Attend 2 "Big Table Discussions". Beginning in November and throughout the year, "Big Table Discussions" are held in the library during lunch.
  3. Complete the Google Submission Form (below) to review each Read Woke book you read.
  4. The library will host Woke film screenings. Attending a screening can count as 1 of the 4 Read Woke books.

Google Submission Form for Students and Staff

Morse Students and Staff

After reading a Read Woke book:

  • complete and submit your book review via the Google Form provided (located to the left).

Note: You will need to fill out a form for each book you read.

Big Table Discussions for Students and Staff

Let's talk about what you are reading.

Let's address social issues, justice, division, and unity in our community.

Big Table Discussions Calendar
  • Discuss the Read Woke book you are reading. No pressure. No book reports. Simply share what you are learning.
  • Still reading the book? Not a problem. Talk about what you have learned so far.
  • Bring your lunch.
  • Dessert will be provided.

Woke Guest Speakers and Presenters

  • During the school year, the library will sponsor guest speakers and presenters who will address a variety of social issues.
  • Listen to announcements and look for posters that will provide information of upcoming programs. We look forward to your participation!

Woke Film Screenings

Woke Film Screenings- 2019-2020
  • From December through May, a Woke film will be shown in the library each month.
  • Attending a screening can count as 1 of the 4 Read Woke books required to receive a free t-shirt.
  • Film titles will be announced the middle of October.

Questions and Answers

  1. If I read a book for a class assignment, can I use the book as credit towards one of the four books required for the Read Woke Challenge?
        • Yes, you can. Please share what you have learned at a Big Table Discussion.
  2. Am I required to talk at the Big Table Discussions?
        • You may listen. When you feel comfortable, please share your thoughts and what you have learned by reading.
  3. Do I need to finish reading my Read Woke book before attending a Big Table Discussion?
        • Come share what you have read and learned so far. You do not need to have finished reading your book to attend a Big Table Discussion.

Welcome to 826 High Street

The faculty of Morse High School welcomes you to 826 High Street. Morse High School is more than our workplace. At Morse, we form relationships that add wealth to our lives and shape how we experience our world. We support each other here. We believe in expressions that promote peace, collaboration, and understanding. We strive to ensure that every student has the opportunity to build supportive and sympathetic relationships. We are lucky to know you. We are lucky to work here, and we want to keep Morse High School a positive environment for everyone who walks through our doors. Talk to us. If something makes you uncomfortable, reach out. If you need support, acknowledgment, or to be heard, let us know. Any of us. We will work to address the situation. Words and images meant to separate us are not welcomed here. Labels that demean, belittle, reduce, or dehumanize us are not tolerated here. We ask you to accept that freedom of expression, both written and spoken, comes with responsibility and that, at 826 High Street, we gladly take responsibility for each other. Every person, from every perspective and background, is welcomed in Our House.