Our teachers plan with industry professionals to ensure that STEAM is infused into each of our courses. Additionally, courses in each grade-level are intertwined with each other through cross-curricular STEAM projects.

Special Education

We strive to provide the most inclusive environment possible for each of our students. We are exploring co-teaching models in which Special Education teachers and General Education teachers can benefit all children. How our students spend their learning hours are addressed in the following ways:

  • All decisions are made by an IEP team, consisting of the student's parents, teachers, and school staff.
  • We are committed to educating students in the least restrictive classroom environment.
  • We provide a broad continuum of special education services to meet the needs of our population.
  • We support general education and special education teachers and students in an inclusive, co-taught classroom when appropriate.
  • We are committed to providing staff training to help general education teachers work with special education teachers and students.
  • Opportunities will be created for students in special education programs to interact socially with non-disabled peers (i.e: Buddy Club).

Advanced Courses

We hold a strong Growth Mindset and believe that every student, regardless of their label, should have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to earn an Advanced designation on their course titles. Our staff will explicitely define the difference between a regular course and an advanced course and then allow each student the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in that difference so that they can earn the advanced designation for the course. This will apply only for the course. The hi-cap student label will still follow the district testing procedure.