Student Growth Data

MAP Growth (Year 1: Fall to Winter)

A significantly larger percentage of our 6th graders met growth expectations than the 6th graders at the other middle schools (>=10 points in Reading, >=15 points in Math). Also, a greater percentage of students met their growth expectations in our 6th grade than in our 7th and 8th grade for Reading and Math.

MAP Growth (Fall Year 1 to Fall Year 2)

The percent of students meeting their growth expectations over the full 6th grade year is 17 points higher than over the full 7th grade year in both Reading and Math.

MAP Growth (Year 2: Fall to Winter)

We replicated the high percentage of students meeting growth expectations in the 6th grade for Reading and Math, which provides multiple years of evidence showing Summit Learning is supporting student growth.

SBA Growth (Year 1)

The most student growth was in our 6th grade for both ELA and Math. Our 6th grade growth was 8 points higher than the district for both ELA and Math.