Race Partner 2022

RACE PARTNER - Running event results software.

Race Partner was developed by a member of Chepstow Harriers running club in order to produce and present results for their own events. It can be configured for any type of running event or prize structure.

It runs within the Microsoft Excel platform using Visual Basic in the background, so you will need to ensure your computer has MS Excel 2010 or above. The software does not require the user to be particularly computer literate and is very intuitive to use. A basic understanding of MS Excel is all that is required.

How it works

  1. The software is first configured for the event - date, name, organisers, etc and the prize structure.

  2. Then all entrant data is input using a spreadsheet (.csv) or typed in.

  3. During or after the event a time file is then uploaded or times typed in manually with bib/race numbers. The software then sets out and displays the results for presentation. It displays a winners sheet (essential for prize giving), team results and a full set of results for uploading to the internet (in .pdf or .xls format).


  • Entries can be input using a .csv file or .xls file downloaded from an on-line entry provider

  • Entries on the day can be typed in or added to the entries .csv or .xls file

  • The feature called 'Race Status' shows 'live results' - can be connected to a large TV or projector for display at the event

  • Can be used with any manual timing system (we recommend the free Race Timer software - see Race Timer page for more info)

  • Processes chip timing results when coupled with ID Chronos Chip Timing Equipment

  • Produces a prize winners sheet for use at prize giving, and also team results

  • Produces full sets of results in .xls or .pdf format (and these can be printed off direct from the software)

The 'Race Status' facility allows competitors to view their result and their friends results as soon as they cross the line. It also displays who is the winner in each of the race categories, how many in each category and team results as the race progresses.