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What DOES go on in the ART ROOM?


I offer Pre-K through 8th graders age appropriate art lessons to expand and challenge their minds. Art helps to develop motor and visual spacial skills, helps sharpen focus, teaches patience, perseverance, and builds confidence. The relaxed classroom structure also offers gently guided lessons is social skills and collaboration.

I introduce and build upon my curriculum by exploring the concepts from the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. I use demonstrations and hands on opportunities for students to become comfortable with art vocabulary and mastering different medias and tools.

Students are exposed to art through literature, art history, cross-curricular opportunities, artist study, multi-cultural projects, art genres and creative expressionism. Art helps children to think outside of the box. Student's are taught to respect art materials, use them correctly and learn specific techniques in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

I teach what I love and I love what I do-teach. My wish is for my students, to enjoy the process and take pride in their work!



AOB Challenge

8th grade students participated in a challenge issued by the Archdiocese of Baltimore, to all schools., to create a mosaic out of recycled materials to depict the theme of PEACE. In a cross circular effort in Art, Religion and Engineering students designed and created their own mosaics using recycled foam core board and old crayons. Out of many wonderful sketches, Cooper Funke's was chosen to represent the school. Working with Madison, Michael, Evan, Bella and Kate, the team created a 10 x10 mosaic that is to be joined with other schools to form a moving PEACE art display. Great work 8th graders!!!


8th Graders designed this years art work for our theme:

Created for Good Works

Madeline F. Brody W. Jalyn E.

Vocation Cross- was designed by Kate Gilliam with Jalyn Edrington adding the designed hands at the top. 8th grade started the prayers for vocations. Each month a different homeroom will host the cross.

Yearbook Cover-was designed by Bella Reyes.

The entire school has the opportunity to participate in the Art to Remember fund raiser. Proceeds help support the ARTS! Students create art work in class which is passed on the the company. There the art is photographed and a sales flyer will go home with a variety of products displaying the student's work. The program is optional. A wonderful way to share your child's art work with others. Orders are returned in time for Christmas delivery.

School orders are closed, parents may still order on line.

Orders will be here around November 30th.

Pre-K3 Pre-K K 1 2 3

Tree Gingerbread Snowman Santa Nutcracker Polarbear

4 5 6 7 8

Birds Whimsical Animal Nativity Winter Sports Illuninated


4th Grade

Saints Mural

Stewards of the Earth

Teacher Service Activity

Teachers will work together to create a LEGO tree for their Festival of Tree donation. They will create ornaments and donate Lego toys.

Jesse Tree Ornaments : Every year each grade level makes a Jesse Tree ornament to add to their own personal collection. As a school we celebrate and discuss the Jesse Tree during morning announcements and showcase our school's collection in the Foyer.

Jesse Tree Pre-K3 Pre-K K 1 2

The Earth The Sheep The Rainbow Jacob's Ladder The Apple

3 4 5 6 7 8

The Dove The Angel Coat of Many Colors The Star The Nativity The Lily

Knights of Columbus sponsored :

Keep Christ in Christmas

Students will have the opportunity to work afterschool with Mrs. Ruppert! Prizes will be awarded!

3rd Grade Drama Play

The Cultural Arts Show


Come celebrate the talents of our students. Volunteer opportunities to help prepare for the show.



Pencils, erasers and so much more!

Every Friday a dedicated sales group of 7th and 8th grade students set up their wares in the front lobby. Store opens at 8:30 and closes at 9:00. There are four price categories; .25, .50, .75, $1.00.

Puppet Theater

Primary Art club

Middle School Art Club

Yearbook Club