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COVID-19 Information Below

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Health Office Forms Genesis Message June 21

Dear Parents and Families:

Hunterdon County has moved back into the Moderate Covid Activity (Yellow). This has changed the exclusion criteria for in person attendance.

What this means for you:

  • If positive for COVID-19, 10 days quarantine from test date and improvement of symptoms.

  • If considered a close contact of a COVID positive, a 10 day quarantine from the date of last contact/exposure. You may return on day 11 post exposure. Optional testing at day 5-7 post exposure and return in person on Day 8 with proof of a negative COVID-test given to the health office prior to return. Rapid tests are acceptable. Test sites listed below

  • Symptomatic individuals must quarantine for 10 days from onset of COVID like symptoms. If you wish to return to school prior to the 10-day period of isolation, we will require a negative COVID-19 test to be provided to the health office.

  • Report any symptoms. Two or more symptoms and your child stays home. Siblings stay home until proof of a negative test from the ill individual.

  • Call the attendance line for any absence or switch to virtual including a reason. Reasons that will be accepted for a switch to virtual include: illness, presence of symptoms, or quarantine. Any other reason stated may not be accepted.

The COVID screening form is to be completed every day of in person instruction. Any symptoms that are COVID-19 compatible must be reported to the office on days when the child is NOT in school.

The daily pre-screening form is mandatory: Please completed by 7:00 AM for HBS/RMS and by 8:00 AM for TBS/WHS.

NJDOH recommends that students and staff with the following symptoms be promptly isolated from others and excluded from school.

At least two of the following symptoms: fever (measure or subjective), chills, rigors (shivers), myalgia (muscle aches), headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion or runny nose;


At least one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, new olfactory disorder, new taste disorder.

To access the Hunterdon County COVID Dashboard, please Hunterdon Dashboard .

Here is Hunterdon County Department of Health contact # 908-788-1351

Thank you in advance,

The Readington Township School Nurses

from CDC 5/18/2021...see below

At Home COVID-19 Testing Information/Registration.Click Here for Home Testing Info

Click Here for COVID Testing Sites


HMC Urgent Care (Flemington): 908-237-4036 symptomatic only

St. Lukes Urgent Care (Clinton): 908-847-5272

HMG Group (Flemington) 908-237-4230

City MD Raritan Urgent Care (Raritan/Somerset): 908-557-9802

Medemerge (Green Brook, Somerset) 732-968-8900

Family Care PA (Hillsborough) 908-262-2263

Somerset Peds Group (Lebanon) 908-725-1802

PM Pediatrics Urgent Care (Bridgewater) 732-605-5437


  1. Case’s Primary Care Physician (PCP.)

  2. Hunterdon Medical Group:

Notes: Located at 121 Route 31 South, Suite 100, in Raritan Township, will test residents from 1 to 5 p.m. each Tuesday.

All Hunterdon County residents must have a prescription from their provider, and must make an appointment by calling 908-237-4230 or emailing HMGDOTTesting@hhsnj.org and providing their full name and phone number

*** This testing site only tests clients that are not seen by any physician inside the Hunterdon Medical Group. If they are in the HMG, they should be referred to their PCP.

  1. Walmart:

152 Route 31 North in Raritan Township, Set up appointment on website

  1. CVS:
    798 Route 202 in Readington Township
    Set up appointment on Readington’s CVS website

Non-Hunterdon Sites: PLEASE CALL AHEAD

Rapid test (screening test)

  1. Med-Emerge:
    1005 Washington Ave, Green Brook Township, NJ 08812
    Do not need appointment or script
    *** Conducts the rapid test.

It does get very crowded – probably best to get their early

Open 8am – 8pm or 9 pm, depending on day.

Phone: (732) 968-8900

  1. Family Care 256 Route 206 South Hillsborough, NJ 08844 (908)262-2263 - will do the rapid test, PCR or antibody test for anyone who walks in. They do not take appointments.

  2. PM pediatric Bridgewater – Address: 966 Route 22 East, Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807 Phone: (732) 605-5437

When to keep your child home for illness

Students who have a temperature of 100F or greater must remain home until " fever free" for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine like (Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen).

Students who have experienced vomiting and/or diarrhea must be free of those complaints for 24 hours before returning to school.

When your child is staying home please call:: Attendance Line (908) 534-2113 Prompt #1

-leave your child's name, grade, and the nature of the illness.