Path Forward Steering Committee

The Path Forward Steering Committee creates a design and engagement process to build a coherent ten year Educational and Facilities Master Plan. This team meets weekly to process information between six design teams.

Convener of District Team and Community Partnerships:

Chairpersons of District Team:

Mike Schmidt,

Chief of Operations


Abel Perez Pherett,

Executive Director of Multilingual Education

Dr. Ray Giamartino,

Chief Accountability Officer

Everton Sewell,

Chief Financial Officer

Fatimat Reid,

Chief of Staff

Annmarie Lehner,

Chief Information Officer

Luticha Andre Doucette,

Research Analyst, City of Rochester

Henry Fitts,

Director of Innovation, City of Rochester

Eric Smith,

Forecast5 Analytics Inc.

Dr. Corliss Kaiser,

PLC Associates

Penny Ciaburri,

PLC Associates

Aligns the educational vision with quality curriculum, instruction, programs, and community partnerships to ensure access and equity for all students.

Builds a vision for High School redesign, middle grade level configuration, feeder patterns, and neighborhood alignment and generate three models for consideration.

Analyzes current trends among the RCSD students and families, studies current assignments policies/practices and forecasts future demography of Rochester to generate multiple solutions.

Frames options for financing the capital, operational and program needs of implementing the Path Forward Plan.

Engages the community on the Path Forward process. Designs session with neighborhood groups, community partners, philanthropic partners, parent groups, students, labor partners, faith based partners and other, and solicits feedback to help align the educational vision for modern educational facilities with input from Rochester residents.

Ensures a city-wide kick off and on going transparent internal and external communications.