School Design

Builds a vision for High School redesign, middle grade level configuration, feeder patterns, and neighborhood alignment and generate three models for consideration.

Through the Path Forward community and school engagement activities, students, parents, and families have shared that they expect RCSD students to be prepared to demonstrate 21st Century global skills, where the district graduates students who are academically competitive in the global marketplace. To that end, the engagement groups indicated strong interest in schools with the following essential characteristics:

  • Culturally relevant curriculum/instruction
  • Learning environments that are socially and academically safe
  • Purposeful and engaging instruction
  • Create new schools that mirror the highly sought schools in our system
  • Utilize the community as a classroom (internships and externships)

Constituent group feedback is consistent and the following school models that have been identified as replication/renewal schools:

  • Schools rich in and reflective of Rochester’s cultural heritage and traditions
  • Schools deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion, with relevant and engaging curriculum, where student voice is lifted and supported
  • Schools focused on industry/careers and trades
  • Schools focused on the arts, digital media, and music
  • Schools aligned to New York consortium model

The Rochester City School District has launched the new Bilingual Language and Literacy Academy to serve our newest students and families from hurricane-affected areas who have relocated to Rochester. The Academy provides a language-sheltered environment as students develop English proficiency and meets the academic and transitional needs of newly arrived Hispanic students and families.

A new Modern Learning Space has opened within Central Office. The space will allow students, teachers, parents, and administrators to learn together about the latest technology, programs, and curriculum that will empower our students to engage, innovate, and prepare for college and careers. As well, new programs and services are also being implemented within each school zone.


Mike Schmidt,

Chief of Operations


Dr. Beth Mascitti-Miller, Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Shirley Green, School Chief

Dr. Idonia Owens, School Chief

Toyia Wilson, School Chief

Dr. Ray Giamartino,

Chief Accountability Officer

Tom Keysa,

Director of Facilities

Bandele Akinniyi,

Director of Food Services

Marilyn Hale,

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Eric Hansen,

Project Architect

Todd Bruce,

Project Architect

Gemma Humphries, Director of Food Services

Brian Kehoe,

Educational Facility Planner

Maria Mello Dupree,

Director of Transportation

Michele Alberti,

Executive Director of School Innovation