Why is the District engaging in the Path Forward process?

In January 2017, the Rochester City School District Board of Education requested a comprehensive analysis of enrollment trends, demographics, managed choice, feeder patterns, placement zones, neighborhood schools and regional schools. The Path Forward teams and process were developed to respond to this request.

The Path Forward Plan will be a dynamic and strategic framework to ensure coherence between educational programs in the schools, grade-level configurations, grade-level enrollments, twenty-first century school facilities and long-range planning. The Plan will be updated annually and will be used to communicate information that families and students need to be informed about high-quality schools in every neighborhood.

Our Opportunity

This year, we had a great opportunity to design a new future for our children. Building the right plan with strong schools and coherent supports for every student involved asking all the right questions:

  • How do we make every school a great school?
  • What do our graduates need to be prepared for future careers and success?
  • How should we organize our schools, feeder patterns, academic programs, and services to reduce transitions and build coherence?