Educational Planning

The Educational Planning and School Design teams will use “prototypes” to help students, families and residents experience twenty-first century classrooms and reimagine our schools for the future.

Long range planning documents for key curriculum and instructional content areas for students and staff

Education Planning Process

  • Leverage real-time facility assessment data to inform valuable investments and program choices.
  • Provide school environments that promote student/staff safety, quality learning and opportunities for students to experience less transitions in school assignment.
  • Clearly align each school’s building capacity to the school’s enrollment and ensure inclusion of all students in the planning and counts.
  • Ensure a good match between educational programs and the facilities for teaching and learning.
  • Maximize the efficiency and community use of schools throughout the year.
  • Ensure strong coherence by redesigning secondary schools that are matched to student interests and economic future forecasts for jobs.
  • Expand Pre-K with seats available for Students with Disabilities and English New Learners in each school to reduce transitions.
  • Redesign RCSD high schools that are well aligned for students and prepare them for higher education and employment in high-growth industries and careers of the future.



Ruth Turner,

Executive Director of Student Support Services

Dr. Robin Hooper,

Executive Director of Early Childhood

Valarie Johnson, Community Leader

Steven LaMorte,

Executive Director of Social Studies

Rhonda Neal, Executive Director of CTE

Abel Perez-Pherett, Executive Director of Multilingual Education

Dominic Pickard,

Director of Arts

Dr. Karen Fahy, Executive Director of ELA/Literacy Learning Leadership

Sylvia Cooksey, Executive Director of Professional Development

Pamela Rutland, Executive Director of Parent Engagement

Dr. Carlos Cotto,

Executive Director of Health, P.E., and Athletics

Dr. Colleen Sadowski, Instructional Director of School Library Systems and Media Services

Jeff Mikols, Executive Director of Math

Dr. Michael Chan, Executive Director of Science