Assignment | Data

Analyzes current trends among RCSD students and families, studies current assignments policies/practices and forecasts future demography of Rochester to generate multiple solutions.


In July 2017, a Demographics Work Team of RCSD staff was formed to examine a range of demographic and enrollment data. This resulting Demographic Report is intended for internal review with the aim of strategically informing the Path Forward Plan’s comprehensive efforts.

Facilities Modernization

View a comprehensive analysis of each school building and its capacity within the Facilities Master Plan.


Dr. Ray Giamartino,

Chief Accountability Officer

Mike Schmidt,

Chief of Operations

Annmarie Lehner,

Chief Information Officer


Nathan Dederick,

Supervisor of Technology Services

Jeff Rogers,

Data Management Programmer

Brian Kehoe,

Educational Facility Planner

Rob Ulliman,

Director of Planning

Jing Che,

Senior Research Analyst

Brian Pack,

Senior Budget Analyst

Luticha Andre Doucette,

Research Analyst, City of Rochester

Henry Fitts,

Director of Innovation, City of Rochester

Kate May,

Senior Research Analyst, City of Rochester