The Path Forward is a dynamic and strategic process that reimagines how Rochester students learn. By transforming our classrooms and our community learning spaces, programs and partnerships, we can create a 10-year Educational and Facilities Master Plan that provides a blueprint for strong schools and a strong Rochester…starting today!

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Information on the Path Forward


Parent Engagement & Family Literacy

Relaunch of Parent University helps our families support reading and learning side-by side with our teachers and community partners.

Establish an Office of Customer Services and Relations

Call or text At Your Service and we’ll provide a personal navigator to assist you.

(585) 324-SERV | Text (585) 507-9051 | | RCSDlink

Office of Community Schools

Our Community Schools partner network is working to expand the school day in our community schools and to integrate social-emotional, medical, dental, and nutritional services for students and families in our neighborhoods.

New K-12 Bilingual Academy

We’ve launched the new Bilingual Language and Literacy Academy to serve our newest students and families from hurricane-affected areas who have relocated to Rochester. The Academy provides a language-sheltered environment as students develop English proficiency and meets the academic and transitional needs of newly arrived Hispanic students and families.

Downtown Modern Learning Space

Our new Downtown Modern Learning Space is where students, teachers, parents, and administrators learn together about the latest technology, programs, and curriculum that will empower our students to engage, innovate, and prepare for college and careers.

Our “Pop-up” Enrollment and Registration Centers: Bringing Our District to You

Parent Engagement and Student Equity and Placement teams have created “Pop-up” Registration Centers at various community events and centers to help ensure better access for students and families.

Early Recruitment of Dedicated Employees

Our Human Resources team is seeking highly qualified and diverse candidates to increase the diversity of employees. Early Recruitment events are designed to attract mission-driven teachers and employees to help our children and community achieve. Our Human Resource team is working to identify students to join our District in a Grow Our Own Strategy that identifies highly qualified applicants in our per diem substitute and paraprofessional pool.

Design Teams

Education Planning
School Design
Community Engagement
Demographics, Assignment, and Data