Project Management


As a software vendor or reseller you probably have two major types of projects to manage: software development projects and software implementation projects. While there may be some overlap between the two types like customizations for some customers, they are usually managed separately.

A project management software solution can be very helpful to manage both types of projects but it's more important to understand and use project management principles. The ideal would be to use both, but there are lots of tools which you can use for very specific parts of a project, and you can also create simple but efficient tools yourself.

When defining a Project Planning strategy, it's important to involve employees and customers, others than those whose job is to implement or develop the solution.

Only after this you can look at tools and business processes to implement the strategy in your company. The planning part is therefore extremely important, because everything else will depend on it.

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Project Monitoring helps companies track what's going on during the project in order to be aware of issues as soon as they happen, which allows them to react in the most efficient manner.

The data gathered by monitoring multiple projects can indicate trends and challenges that the company is facing way too often when delivering projects. Finally, project monitoring helps to properly track costs and compare actuals vs planned.

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