Customer Management

Customer Management for SMB Software Vendors & Resellers

There are gaps in every marketing and sales business processes that we tend to ignore, especially when we don't have a lot of time and resources to address them.

Challenges like customer retention, influencer management, creating a relevant social media strategy can be addressed using some simple guidelines and tools.

While the ideal would be to use some kind of software to implement your strategy for customer management, these tools can help you start with no investment but your time.

Customer Acquisition should involve everyone in the company, not only marketing and sales people.

But different people and different strategies may be needed at each stage of the sales cycle, so everyone involved needs to be organized and to collaborate with the rest of the team. They may also need to work on Social Media Marketing and provide feedback on and contribute to creating and distributing Marketing Content

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Customer On-Boarding is important because you don't want your customers to feel abandoned after they were sold something.

Customers want you to deliver what you sold but also to show them that they get enough attention and that you are capable to quickly solve issues. A well managed customer on-boarding process can help a lot with Customer Loyalty and even with Customer Acquisition because happy customers will give you great references

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Anyone can "do" Social Media Marketing but it's much more complicated for software providers because you need to know the software your company sells and the industry you're in.

Usually people who know this are consultants or project managers, not marketers. Besides experience, marketers also need relevant Marketing Content and tools to better manage sharing and interactions. Engaging customers will improve Customer Acquisition and Customer Loyalty ​

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Customer Loyalty can be complicated but the effort to keep existing customers usually pays off because Customer Acquisition is usually more expensive.

Loyalty shouldn't be measured in financial outcomes only - smaller customers or those who don't buy much from you may become fierce advocates of your products and services. Some may even help you develop your products and improve your services

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​You need a lot of Marketing Content ​for your website, social media, sales presentations, events, and reports or case studies.

While the volume of content is important, its quality is even more important, as well as its diversity (text, documents, videos, audio,graphics, etc.) What you do with the content is another issue that can have an impact on your Social Media Marketing initiatives and eventually on Customer Acquisition

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Why it matters?

According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is very important for both B2B and B2C companies (as described in the table below). B2B companies involved in the study mentioned that their most important challenge when it comes to content marketing is to produce engaging content, which is also their first priority. At the same time, better understanding the audience is a relatively low priority...

You can read the fulll report "B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America" here: