Customer Onboarding Guidelines

Customer Onboarding for SMB Software Vendors & Resellers


Even though you may be busy with growing your business, negative customer experiences can impact your brand reputation and your future sales. After the contract is signed, the following actions will show customers that you do care about them:

1 Assign the person responsible on your side to manage the delivery and communicate his or her contact information with the customer

2 Make sure you know who will be involved on your customer's side and ask for contact information

3 Have kick-off meeting with the sales person and the people responsible for implementation on both sides

4 Make sure that the customer understands what has been sold and how it will be delivered. This should be part of the kick off but it could be a separate conversation if it takes too long. It help to show your customer the contract, statement of work, service level agreements, or any documents that were signed by both parties.

Document the differences between the official documents mentioned above and the perception of the customer on what they bought. This will help you improve either your documents or the way you communicate with customers during the sales process.

5 Prepare a project delivery plan with major milestones and tasks to be performed by both sides. It's best to include estimates for how logn each task or activity may take on your side but ti's also preferable to set timelines for the customer as well.

Free tools

Example of a project plan - you can use the document on the right as a template

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project plan.xlsx

6 Determine any issues that may have a negative impact on the implementation

7 Establish a communication plan with the customer to keep them up to date on the status of the project

8 Define internal escalation rules when tasks take more than expected

9 Create documents to track the costs of the project

10 Share documents will all the people who may need to use them during the project

Useful systems

​Document sharing by email isn't always efficient because emails may get lost and you cannot grant or revoke access to certain people.

Here are some online tools that can help you share documents:‎