Free guidelines and tools for SMB software vendors and resellers

Business isn't easy for SMB software vendors! Business processes and interactions between your company and its employees, partners and customers can be very complex.

Some interactions may be more important to you than others but you need to manage them all. It is best to start addressing those business challenges that cause most issues or are most likely to improve the way you do business.

Project Management

• Project planning

• Project monitoring

• Issue management

• Lean management

• Cost tracking

Product Development

• Competitive intelligence

• Feedback management

• Crowdsourcing

• Employee involvement

Employee management

• Employee engagement

• Recruiting and staffing

• Employee performance

• Employee loyalty

• Organizational structure

​"The traditional siloed software development approach not only slowed down the development cycle, but it also produced low-quality products. Integrating functional expertise into development teams can facilitate major improvements in the development of both cloud-based and on-premises software. McKinsey's software productivity benchmarking data shows that a collaborative, cross-functional approach reduces schedule slip by 30%, cuts down residual defects by 70%, and improves overall productivity by 27%"

From "Software Development Handbook: Transforming for the digital age", McKinsey, 2016