(Preparing Individuals for Leadership Opportunities To Succeed)

Your future awaits...

...be a PILOTS leader at Sonoran Sky!

What is P.I.L.O.T.S.?

Acronym, PILOTS, means...

PILOTS stands for Preparing Individuals for Leadership Opportunities To Succeed.

Colors of PILOTS

Red, blue and yellow are the chosen colors to represent the PILOTS program.

Red represents courage/bravery.

Blue represents honor/integrity.

Yellow represents friendship.

The PILOTS Shirt

The PILOTS shirt is a visual representation of our program and its members. By wearing the PILOTS t-shirt each Wednesday, we show the school community who we are as we enter classrooms and assist throughout the building. Many of the Sonoran Sky staff show their support by wearing a PILOTS t-shirt.

The PILOTS Committee Assignments

There are three committees under the umbrella of PILOTS. SWAT (SchoolWide Assistance Team) assists staff and teachers. Some examples of the impact this committee has on our community would be: completing tasks such as sharpening pencils, hanging or taking down bulletin boards, filing papers, etc.) Peer Coaches prepare younger students in basic writing, math and reading concepts as well as teach character lessons to younger classes. Community Outreach makes our school community a better place to live. Some of the examples of the impact this committee has on our community would be: maintaining a school wide recycling effort, holding a semesterly drive to raise awareness and goods for groups less fortunate, serving as docents for school tours, organizing and participating in events sponsored by our PTO.

Each student takes a skills and interests survey which helps to place them in the appropriate committee for their interests and talents. In order to successfully complete the program, students must fulfill their responsibilities as a committee member by participating most PILOTS days (75%) on campus throughout the school year.

PILOTS 2022-2023

Dear Parents of Incoming Sixth Grade Students:

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and your child. The intent of this letter is to share some information about our leadership program, PILOTS, and our plans for developing our future leaders.

PILOTS, the Program

PILOTS was developed with the intention of Preparing Individuals for Leadership Opportunities To Succeed. This is a program unique to our sixth graders. Each year we work to provide opportunities for the students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We instruct and coach sixth graders to step into leadership roles on our campus. Our ultimate goal is to help your child prepare for the years that lie ahead.

We begin the year by conducting surveys with the students. According to interests identified within the survey, students are placed in committees. These committees are Community Outreach, Peer Coaching, and School-Wide Assistance Team (S.W.A.T.). Working with teachers and parents, the committees action-plan to develop ideas for their involvement at Sonoran Sky. Each committee develops methods and activities to share with all grade levels. With the help of the staff, the sixth grade team fosters higher levels of accountability, an appreciation for good character, and an invested interest in giving back to the community throughout the year.

PILOTS Leadership Retreat

Our students begin their leadership training quite early in the school year to establish the groundwork for the program. Students are invited to attend a leadership retreat off campus at Chapel Rock in Prescott, Arizona September 6-9, 2022.

Students and parent chaperones engage in a variety of activities promoting team building and group interaction. Students attend workshops designed to encourage listening skills, communication skills, self-acceptance, and responsibility, all of which are vital in leadership.

While at Chapel Rock, students will be housed in dorm style cabins with centralized toilet and shower facilities for each cabin. The cabins are well insulated, contain heaters, and have bunk beds. The camp has a modern kitchen, dining area, and health facility. Each dorm will be overseen by parent chaperones.

We will return around 12:00PM on Friday, September 9th. Arrangements will need to be made for students to be picked up at that time. The form regarding pickup plans is included in this packet of information.

PILOTS Training On-Campus

Students who are not comfortable training off campus are invited to participate in our retreat at Sonoran Sky. Those choosing this style of the leadership training must attend school from 8:45-3:15pm each day September 3-6th. Similar team building activities are prepared. Students work in different collaboratively with staff throughout their four days of training.

Cost for the T-Shirt and Retreats

The total cost of the trip will be approximately $200.00. Checks (made out to Sonoran Sky) or cash accepted. Make checks out to Sonoran Sky Elementary to take advantage of tax credit money. The total cost includes chartered bus transportation, meals, snacks, lodging, equipment provided by Chapel Rock Camp, and materials in which students will be involved. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. We’d like to work together to provide this experience to every sixth grader who wants to attend.

The cost for students who attend PILOTS retreat at Sonoran Sky is approximately $15. This money will be used to purchase supplies and snacks needed for those training activities. This may be paid in cash or check made out to Sonoran Sky Elementary. Tax credit may not be used.

Students and staff show their continued support of our program by wearing their PILOTS shirt every Wednesday. Wednesday is PILOTS Day in sixth grade and at Sonoran Sky. PILOTS t-shirts will cost approximately $15 and will be worn every Wednesday throughout the school year. The cost for this t-shirt is separately and independently of the Classroom Support Funds for sixth graders.

Arizona Tax Credit Information

The Arizona Legislature has directed the Arizona Department of Education to allow $400.00 School Tax Credit for married couples, or $200.00 per individual per calendar year. This tax credit is to be used for activities that enhance the quality of education within the public school setting. All or some of the student’s cost may be used for tax credit. The cost for parent chaperones may NOT be used as tax credit.

Thank you for your support. We are very excited about working with you and your child(ren) this year! Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher with questions. We may be reached at cacunningham@pvschools.net (Mrs. Carrie Cunningham) and amsmithday@pvschools.net (Mrs. Amy Smith-Day) respectfully.