Greetings Parents and Guardians,

As we continue to watch the beauty of Autumn, look for nature’s amazing response to weather and daylight changes. This is a great time of year to discuss what gets harvested now, which plants die off {annuals} and which plants will come back in the spring {perennials}. It’s a great time to start researching plans for a new garden.

Rigorous Instruction

Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating, and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and developing critical thinking skills.

Units of Study

Pre K-All about me: Pre-K students will be exploring how their five senses help them learn about the world around them. They will explore activities that utilize each sense so that we can see how important our senses are to our understanding of everything around us.

K-solids, liquids and gases: Kindergarten students will be exploring states of matter and how the properties of solids are different from liquids and gases.

1st-Exploring light and solar patterns: 1st grade students will continue to explore how light works, what illumination is and how light helps us see objects clearly. We will also learn where natural light comes from (our Sun) and how light from the sun moves or appears to move…

2nd-Properties and patterns of water: 2nd grade students will be looking closely at the properties of water and how those properties effect life in different habitats.

3rd- Inheritance and variation: 3rd grade students will learn about how organisms are unique to their species and how the environment can affect their survival.

4th-The structure and function of organisms: 4th grade students will be focusing on how animals survive and where they are on the food chain. We will discuss Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, producers, consumers, decomposers and how they are interdependent.

5th-Physical and chemical changes: 5th grade students will continue to explore matter and how matter can be made of particles that are too small to be seen. They will conduct an investigation to determine if mixing two or more substances can result in the creation of a new substance.

Supportive Environment

The school establishes a classroom and school culture where students feel safe, supported, and challenged by their teachers and peers.

Celebrations and Events/Scientist of the Month

Winners of the STEM Challenge 1

Students were challenged to work as a team and build the longest chain using only 2 pieces of construction paper and 24 inches of tape. Students used the Engineering Design Process by asking questions,(materials, time allotted), imagining, planning, creating, and improving their idea. Here are the groups who excelled in this challenge.

3-1 Allison, Katherine, Jeremiah, Maria, Marice

3-2 Dariel, Liam, Yesenia, Emili

4-1 Victor, Jayden L, Margaret, Lissette, Vanessa

4-2 Ashley R, Ashely C, Maria, Clark, Daniel

5-1 Elliannie, Jazzmine, Laniya T, Alison P, Ismael

5-2 Albert, Natalie, Marwa, Wykeem

E32 Amari, Jayden, Santiago, Ethan

Every month will be listing students who are showing interest and excitement in Science.

K-1 Martin Cosme

K-2 Raphael Garcia

K-3 Sienna Tavarez

1-2 Heynner Andrade

2-2 Tussant Primo

E32 Bryan Lara

E33 Aris Ramos

3-1 Rosi Delgado

3-2 Lorena Almonte

4-1 Natalie Razo

4-2 Jaylyn Torres

5-1 Ashley Salas

5-2 Marwa Alansi

Strong Family-Community Ties & Collaborative Teachers

School leadership brings resources from the community into the school building by welcoming, encouraging, and developing partnerships with families, businesses, and community-based organizations.

I am available every Tuesday from 2:35 to 3:15pm to discuss your child’s progress. Please make an appointment to see me.

Parent Workshops

November 12th How can I engage my child’s interest in Science?

2:45-3:15 Science Room 311

Topic: What are some resources parents can use to help their child shine in Science?

Teachers Contact Information

Ms. Loomis

Phone number- 718 642 5300