Cost / same day cash basis fees:

Pre-bundled (evaluation and procedures as indicated): Initial visit $60 Follow up visit $50

Individual services (for out-of-network insurance submission):

Initial evaluation: $55 Re-evaluation $35 Dry Needling $40 Therapeutic Exercise $25

* Discounts available

I would provide you two options for cost for each visit: by visit (pre-set/bundled) or by procedure.

I also offer digital gift cards including options of $20, $50, $80, and $130 to cover the common visit costs. I would honor the $20 refer a friend program in addition to the gift card for initial appointments (not screenings) – so a family member could provide a gift card to cover a screening visit but if the new client does not choose to schedule/complete an initial appointment/evaluation then the refer a friend rebate would not apply. Conversely, if the gift card holder decides to have a full evaluation then the gift card and the additional rebate would carry over ($40 due for initial evaluation – total cost of $60).