Company purpose

The 2nd Look's mission: Provide lower cost assessment and treatment for clients with persistent pain, weakness, or tension.

The business name relates to the intention in two ways:

First, to be a second source of input for individuals who have not succeeded in reducing persistent pain, weakness, or tightness in specific areas of the body with prior use of pain medication or conventional physical therapy.

Second, to literally take a second look after the initial change in symptoms can mask the subtle contributors for several days (most report 2 or 3 days) but then the subtle source(s) becomes apparent.

Chronic pain, neuromuscular dysfunction (tightness/weakness), or inhibition (strictly weakness) can present like many other concerns and multiple approaches may be needed to maximize your progress. The treatment of dry needling is gaining evidence as a method to address these symptoms. The provider’s ability to identify subtle contributors after the initial pain generating muscles are identified and addressed appears to be key to having success when using dry needling to treat neuromuscular dysfunction.